Rade Stanojevic

It seems that there is no painter who has never painted a landscape. Almost following a rule, everyone paints landscapes from their own homeland or the place they live. It is that inevitable debt that each artist and painter pays, as a tribute, to the place he or she came from.

rade-stanojevic-landscape-oil-on-canvas-25x35cm Rade Stojanovic probably paints the landscapes of his homeland too. The villages of Sumadija, backyards, footpaths and fields next to rivers. And, just like in the real land, his paintings show green meadows sprinkled with small flowers, a tree or a grove every now and then, a path leading from one house to the next one, the river that connects everything and without which there would be no life there. Any person who has ever walked through Serbia will find many familiar details in his paintings, pleased to see a small country road, a worn-out picket fence and red roofs among treetops.

Rade uses the technique of oil painting, with liberal, temperamental strokes of an expressionist.

His canvases are saturated with colours, which cover the surface in layers. The strokes of the brush or spatula can be easily discerned upon careful viewing.

His colour palette ranges from brown, ochre and green tones used for forests, trees and meadows, and bluish tones for the sky and the creeks. However, fields and trees sometimes flicker with bright red and golden tones, struck by intense sunlight. It is the July sun that burns mercilessly everything if finds and brings the colours of fire and light to the air.

This painter does not spend a lot of time on details and he instead aspires to provide a sense of something already seen.

There are really a lot of motifs to be painted so we believe that our Rade will continue to take us to the land he carries in his memory and in his paintings.