About Us

Fine Art Escape is ready to help you break free from your daily routine, to venture visually as far as some of Europe’s most enchanting shorelines, experience the joys of strolling along peaceful harbours, and revel in sunsets that glow achingly on buildings whose fabric speaks of years of extraordinary history.

Our Cambridge Art Gallery

We bring you beautiful pieces from artists who live and work in the former Yugoslavia. They are passionate about evoking the fabulous coastline and resorts of Croatia, the excitement of cosmopolitan Belgrade with its city bustle and glorious riverside panoramas, and the dynamism and soul of cities from London to Venice.

You can view the artists’ portfolios and stories on our website, come and see the work close up at one of our art events, or contact us to arrange a leisurely viewing at your home or at our Cambridge base. We invite you to indulge in exhilarating escapism through the finest art!

We host regular events that include classical art and music evenings and art parties, And as well as an escape into our world of art, our members benefit from the privilege of enjoying complimentary and VIP tickets to some of the most prestigious art events in the UK, including the 20|21 International Art Fair in London. the Cambridge Art Fair, the Liverpool Contemporary Art Fair and Chester Arts Fair.

Painting Price Includes

  • Beautiful piece of art
  • High quality frame
  • Packaging and posting
  • Delivery to your home


For the paintings that are available in the UK, paintings will be delivered immediately. For the paintings that are abroad, estimated delivery time is up to 3 weeks and you will be informed what you can expect before you finalise your purchase. We will keep you fully up-to-date with the progress of your order.

Payment and Returns

We accept cash, cheques, credit cards, paypal.

We are very confident you will like paintings you buy from us, and we offer 30 day money back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence, reassurance and without worry.

So Why Wait, browse our Fine Art painting selection and choose something you like. Hope you will enjoy as much as we did selecting the art for you.