Milka Vujovic

Milka Vujovic was born in 1965 in Podgorica, Montenegro. She graduated in 1997 from the Teaching Faculty in Niksic, Montenegro. In 1990, she graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, serbia, where she also received her Master’s Degree in 1993.

She is a member of  both the Fine Arts Association of Serbia and of Fine Arts Association of Montenegro. Vujovic teaches at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, where she currently resides and works. Her work includes both graphics and paintings, and she has been participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Serbia, Montenegro and abroad.

The nostalgic timelessness of Milka Vujovic’s paintings unobtrusively offer us precious moments of relaxation, introducing us to a world of emotions and spiritual beauty. Pure lines and a deliberate harmony of colors and forms, Milka Vujovic forms characters on her canvas using a recognizable artistic penmanship, which proves an undoubted talent, daring in the technical and an artistic sense.

What is characteristic of her work, is the use of detail in function of the whole impression – the jewellery, interesting buckles on refined women’s shoes, while the softness and transparency of the ornamentation are gained with an extraordinary nuancing of colors, bringing dynamics and voluminosity.

The paintings of Milka Vujovic give out an attractive secrecy and melancholy in which the figures communicate with the audience in strange looks and “movements,” as if they want to communicate to us the harmony and the appeal of the moment they are in. The paintings of Milka Vujovic have a personal imprint to them, and they are a world of their own. There is a curiosity and a desire to find creative excitement in front of the white canvas and the expectations which accompany the birth of a work of art.

With all this successfully accomplished, the tranquillity is transformed in something original and exquisite, infused with a subtle spirit and a strong suggestiveness.