Ivana Nikic

Ivana Nikic was born in 1985 in Belgrade. After her high school days she went to and graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts in Belgrade, with the highest average score in the Department of Interior Architecture. As an excellent student, she received state and municipal scholarships. While at the Academy, she has had several exhibitions and won several prizes for her work in the field of applied arts.


Here we also see her as a talented painter who, regardless of her young age, already has formed a style of her own. Boats, sandy beaches, seas and seagulls are the narrative of her landscapes. She paints “purely” and without excessive details, just enough to define an object without making it too reduced or poster-like. The composition of elements and colors is balanced and it paints a cozy, relaxing atmosphere of marine environment. The motions of her brush are smooth and the colors merge in a spontaneous manner. Her paintings often feature large surfaces covered in a single colour – sandy beaches, sky… To those, she structurally opposes smaller objects, such as clouds, boats, buoys, seagulls. A typical characteristic of her seascapes are the details contrasted to the widely applied monochromatic surfaces. In the background of it all there is a flat and clearly defined line of the horizon, which discretely outlines seagulls that bring in life and dynamics to the canvas.

Coloristically speaking, each painting has one predominant colour. Some of the paintings are in bluish hues, while others are in ocher-orange ones. Even though the colors are sometimes intensive, the linear, graphic and figurative elements have overcome the coloristic side of Ivana’s art.

In Ivana’s art we find a precise and meticulous person who maintains her personality and temper while painting and one who always knows exactly what she wants and how to do it in her art. And judging from everything she has done and shown so far, we believe she is about to become a successful and versatile artist.