Ivan Stojanovic

Born in 1956 in Nis, Serbia, where he graduated from an art institute. He worked and painted for many years in Split, Croatia. He is one of the favourite artists among art collectors as well as among his fellow painters, and his paintings can be seen all over the world, including Europe, Canada and Australia.

Stojanovic spends one part of the year in Nis, and the rest of the time he travels and works with gallery owners all over the former Yugoslavia.

The art of Ivan Stojanovic is associated with landscape, both in urban context and outside the city’s limits. His representations of Belgrade motifs are frequent and they are painted with wide strokes and with harmonious intersections of horizontal and vertical architectural lines.

When he paints cityscapes, his tones are paced down, while his landscapes of villages and woods are characterized by more playful choice of colors. Considering his colors, Stojanovic can be characterized as a strong colorist, who boldly uses the entire range or colors and tones in his landscapes.

The layers of color are applied with a spatula, and thanks to different thickness of the paste his canvases are playfully textured. The skillfulness and boldness of his expressionist technique are impressive, as he draws the lines and covers the space quickly and easily, resulting in a harmonious whole.