Ema Radovanovic

Ema Radovanovic was born in Belgrade in 1960. She graduated from the Faculty of Economy in 1984, and from the Fine Arts Academy in 1985. She then earned a master’s degree at the Fine Arts Academy, department of graphics, in 1998. She has been a member of the Association of Fine Arts since 1986. Radovanovic has participated in many group exhibitions and several art camps and workshops. She has had solo exhibitions in 1988 and 1997. Ema Radovanovic lives and woks as an independent artist in Zemun, Belgrade. Her oil paintings and pastels are part of many private collections and galleries in Serbia.

In her basic orientation, Ema Radovanovic is graphic artist, specialized in lithography. Few artists use this long-forgotten technique and its beauty and possibilities. In her graphics works, Ema chooses architecture as a theme, not contemporary, but semi-fantastic, semi-realistic towers and cities. Besides graphics, she also paints in oil and dry pastels.

Her newest series, which we see here, consists of paintings in oil, made with both a figurative and realistic approach. These paintings are made in the desire and search for a true ambiance and a frame that will express the beauty of female nude and figure. In some paintings, a poetic, gently painted background folds around the figure, creating a whole, and in others the gentle surface of the female nude steps out of an expressively textured background with many decorative details.

The colours are strong and there are many layers and lines covered in gold. Ema uses strong blue and green tones for drapes and background as a contrast to warm red and the golden yellow colours of the skin. The faces of her models are pensive, somewhat distant and melancholic. While their hair wraps around them, pearls swim in the sea waves, vines loops in the clothes, they remain still and untouchable.

Eternal themes have infinite expressions, and with her strong artistic sensibility, Ema paints successfully the desired atmosphere and impressions. Each one of her new paintings and graphics is a contribution to the human desire for perfection and beauty in life.