Dusan Rajsic

Dusan Rajsic was born in Gospic, Croatia, in 1970. He had started his studies of sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 1990, and he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1996. He is a member of the Serbian Association of Fine Artists and the editor of the art programme at the Cultural Centre in Lazarevac, Serbia.

His drawings and sculptures were featured in various group exhibitions, and he is also the author of several memorial monuments. Rajsic also does theatre set and costume designs. His sculptures and drawings are part of many private collections.

Elegant, gracious, subtle and distant in their world of play and dance, women are an omnipresent motif in the work of Dusan Rajsic. As ballerinas or tango dancers, they are often the central figure in his paintings, where everything else is unwanted as it distracts the attention from those rapt primadonnas.

Their bodies, contorted and bent in amazing movements, transcend the mere figure of the female body and become a symbol. Rajsic paints them with strong expressionist traits, with intense layers of paint and without much detail. His paintings are mostly oil on canvas, but he uses other techniques too, mostly pastel.

His desire to always capture a new motion and dynamics of his ballerinas-symbols within the limited medium of a painting makes this artist always interesting and new.